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KIP-113: Customizable User Notifications

Simple Summary

Integrate Notifi into Kwenta to provide users with customizable notifications through various channels including email, SMS, Discord, Telegram, and future support for push notifications via Notifi webhooks.


This KIP proposes the integration of Notifi's notification services into Kwenta. This integration will enable Kwenta users to receive personalized notifications for account activities, product updates, and marketing communications through their preferred channels.


The integration of Notifi is aimed at enhancing the user experience on Kwenta by providing timely and relevant notifications. This feature will ensure users are well-informed about important events like trades, liquidations, newly delegated wallets, as well as updates and announcements from Kwenta.


To mimic the centralized exchange experience, Kwenta should provide web2 style convenience tools which allow users to more easily monitor their positions and track their trading history. Notifi tools provide a flexible service which meets users with notifications in their preferred channels.

Additionally, Notifi provides a web3 oriented service for managing email lists and other important marketing tools. Currently, Kwenta relies primarily on Discord and Twitter for marketing and important product updates, which limits the reach of communications. Users must actively check discord regularly for updates, or rely on the Twitter algorithm to deliver important news.

Notifi is currently used by Synthetix and Vertex DEX, allowing Kwenta to see the solution in practice on a similar platform and utilize ecosystem partners for advice and guidance.


  • Notification Channels: Users will be able to choose their preferred notification channels - email, SMS, Discord, Telegram, and future support for push notifications via Notifi webhooks.
  • Customizable Notifications: Users will have the option to customize the types of notifications they receive, such as account activities, product updates, and marketing communications.
  • User Consent and Privacy: All notifications will be opt-in. Kwenta will respect user privacy by not sharing contact information with third parties and using it only for the purposes explicitly selected by the user.
  • Notifi Integration Support: Kwenta will provide design and development support, while the Notifi team will work on the integration. This allows the integration to be completed quickly with minimal development resources.