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KIP-109: Endorse both centralized and decentralized deploys

Simple Summary

Add a centralized deployment option next to the existing decentralized deployment.


Next to offering a decentralized deployment under the officially endorsed ipns://kwenta.eth/ ENS domain resp., offer users the alternative option to use the frontend deployed through a centralized entity at


While Kwenta officially endorses decentralized protocols and deployments, and the source code is open source and can be run locally on any machine or through IPFS, given the yet to mature technology surrounding IPFS and irregular hiccups experienced with it, it only makes sense to have the code deployed on a centralized entity that allows us to offer a specialized, secure and fast deployment alternative. It also gives users an additional options to experience the Kwenta frontend might one or the other option experiences DDos attacks or downtime.


This KIP adds a new sub section to section 4, outlining the availability of a centralized deployment hosted on; providing an alternative infrastructure to build, scale, and secure a faster Kwenta frontend deployment.

The following section should be added to section 4, as paragraph 3 (moving subsequent paragraphs down):

Centralized Deployment

Besides the decentralized, official Kwenta ENS pointing to the latest deployment of Kwenta on IPFS, Kwenta offers a hosted, centralized deployment on Vercel to provide an alternative and backup to the above. The centralized deployment can be reached at: