Kwenta State Log

A living document defining the state of Kwenta

KIP-108: Temporarily Eliminate Conditional Orders Fee


Temporarily set the conditional orders fee to 0 ETH to address an issue with 1CT accounts failing to deposit ETH into the SM account.


We have identified an issue where 1CT accounts aren't depositing ETH into the order execution account (keeper account), which prevents the execution of limit orders due to insufficient ETH. To mitigate the impact on users, we propose to temporarily eliminate the fee for conditional orders by setting it to 0.


The inability of 1CT accounts to deposit ETH into the SMs keeper account has a significant impact on the execution of limit orders. This issue poses a risk to our users, as they might miss crucial stop orders. By setting the order fee to zero, we aim to alleviate some of the inconveniences and risks faced by our users until a permanent solution is implemented.


The pDAO is to call setExecutorFee on Settings.sol with the parameter 0 (0 ETH) to implement this change. This adjustment is a temporary measure and will be revisited once the issue with 1CT accounts is resolved, ensuring the smooth execution of limit orders in the future.

Once the issue has been resolved, this KIP will be superseded automatically by KIP-106.