Kwenta State Log

A living document defining the state of Kwenta

KIP-96: Kwenta deployment on new chains

Simple Summary

Kwenta can automatically launch on any network supported by the Synthetix protocol.


This KIP outlines the potential for Kwenta to launch on any blockchain that Synthetix supports. As the multi-chain ecosystem evolves and Synthetix diversifies its presence, it becomes paramount to ensure Kwenta's compatibility and seamless operation on these chains.


As Synthetix broadens its multi-chain presence, it's imperative for Kwenta to deploy on these supported networks seamlessly. This strategy elevates the user experience regardless of blockchain choice, ensuring continuous service and tapping into the richness of diverse communities. Still, it also bolsters scalability, security, and the protocol's innovative stature. By diversifying across various networks, Kwenta reduces reliance on a single platform's stability, harnesses the distinctive features of each chain, and fortifies its position in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.


This KIP entails that Kwenta can deploy its products on any chain supported by Synthetix protocol. New chains should adhere to the following specifications:

  • New deployed networks should be EVM compatible chains
  • New networks should be supported by the infrastructure Kwenta uses

Core Contributors are responsible for feasibility and have the right to reject the addition of new chains if the feasibility analysis fails.